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Best Hair Wigs Services in Pune

Wigs are woven pieces meant to sit on top of hair or a shaved scalp. They are easily removable, and not meant to be worn all the time.

Easy to apply/remove Firm and secured grip
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Best Hair Patch Services in Pune for Men and Women

Hair patch treatment is a non-surgicial hair replacement system where a patch of hair or a wig is placed in the area where baldness has occurred. With the help of cosmetic glue or clips, stylist attach the patch of hair to the scalp.

No allergic reaction to the scalp A permanent, safe and quick solution Suitable for any hair type
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Best Hair Extension Services in Pune

Artificial hair integrations, more commonly known as hair extensions, are usually clipped, glued, or sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair.

Add instant length and volume to human hair Easy to style them
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Best Hair Fixing Services in Pune

Hair Fixing is the process of artificially attaching hair to bald areas. In other words, we can say that hair is glued on to bald patches on scalp or existing thin volume of hair. This additional hair can be human or synthetic hair, similar to wigs and it offers instant results.

No maintainance required One time investment procedure
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Best Hair Bonding Services in Pune

Hair bonding, this non-surgical hair restoration method adds colour streaks and volume to your hair. Here, an additional hair system gets integrated to your original hair with the help of adhesive glue.

Skin-friendly and safe hair wefts The volume as per choice
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Best Facial Hair Trim At Home Treatment

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Good quality hair patch and services, thanks to Shilpa ma’am.

Sudhir P

I must say one of the best clinics I ever visited in pune.

Neha D

Amazing team and the service is excellent.

Harshita C

The patch feels very real and authentic and service is great.

Bipin S